Shelley team wins Senior European Trials Playoff

The trials to represent England in the Senior team at the European Championships have been won by Peter Shelley, Malcolm Pryor, David Muller, Alan Mayo, Rob Cliffe & Trevor Ward.

The closely contested playoff against the team of John Hassett, David Mossop, Gunnar Hallberg, John Holland, Brian Senior, and Paul Hackett, was decided by 24 IMPs over 96 boards. Four of the six sessions were won by only single figure margins - a 39 IMP win in session 4 proved decisive for the Shelley team.

The European Team Championships take place in Ostend, Belgium, on 6th-16th June.

Second weekend of Camrose Trophy re-arranged

The second weekend of the Camrose Trophy, which was postponed due to the recent bad weather, will now be played 6th-8th April near Dublin.

Update: The team originally selected to represent England on the second weekend (Alexander Allfrey & Andrew Robson; Tony Forrester & Graham Osborne; David Gold & Mike Bell) are not able to play on this date. The England team for this weekend will therefore be:

  • Janet de Botton & Artur Malinowski; Espen Erichsen & Glyn Liggins; David Bakhshi & Tom Townsend; NPC Alan Mould

England leads by 4.93 VPs after the first weekend.

Senior team invited to represent England at European Championships

The trials for England's Women's Team for the 2018 European Championships took place 2nd-5th March.

After the trials the Selection Committee (excluding conflicted members) decided that the presence of a substitute for one third of the event prevented the Brock team as a team of four from being declared clear winners. It was concluded that, for a variety of reasons, the substitute allowed to the Brock team is likely to have materially affected the results of the trials.

The Selection Committee therefore concluded that the Senior team (Nevena Senior, Heather Dhondy, Catherine Draper and Gillian Fawcett) be declared winners of the trials and invited to represent England in the European Championships.

The selection committee will invite a third pair to join them in due course.

U16s continue preparations for China

The England U16 squad has held another training session as it prepares for the 2018 World Youth Team Championships, being held in China in August.

Squad leader Giorgio Provenza has written a new blog to keep you updated. Click 'read more' below to see it.

As noted in this article, we'd be delighted to hear from any members who would like to support the teams in any way - please don't hesitate to contact us. You can also make a donation to the fundraising effort through EBED's website, here.


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