English success at European level continues

Congratulations to Graeme Robertson and Tom Paske who won the bronze medal in the European Under 25s Pairs Championships. They are pictured with the other medal winners (Graeme is on the left, Tom is 4th from the left).

This adds to the English medal haul this summer, following the success of the teams in the European Championships.

Tom also did well in the Mixed Pairs, finishing sixth with Sarah O'Connor. Sarah then went on finish fifth in the Girls Pairs with Sinead Bird.

England was represented by twenty four juniors across the four events at the European Youth Pairs Championships in Bergausen, Germany. They all acquitted themselves well with most pairs scoring over 50%.

New EBU Calendar

The EBU calendar, showing forthcoming competitions, has been improved and is now live on the site. The different types of event are now clearer and easier to filter, and it is now much easier for you to import the information into your own online calendar (whether you use Google, Apple, Outlook or other calendar). Guidance on how to do this is at the foot of the calendar page.

New videos for TDs

To help club Tournament Directors with some of the more commonly occurring situations in which they may be called we have produced a series of videos.

'How Can I Help You?' covers six 'errors', such as a revoke, and an insufficient bid. We hope you find them useful.

The videos can be viewed on our website, or through YouTube.

Kendrick & Lamford, and Dhondy team win at Summer Seniors Congress

David Kendrick & Paul Lamford (pictured centre and left) were winners of the Championship Pairs at the Summer Seniors Congress in Eastbourne. After a strong performance in the qualifying round they won the final with a score of 56.25%. Janet Smith & Alan Wilson were second with 55.15%, and Bogdan Drobny & Maureen Kimbley were third with 54.78%.

The 'B' final was won by Berry Hedley & Graham Hedley (picture). They were nearly 2% ahead of Nigel Marlow & Nigel Lancaster, who themselves were around 3% clear of the rest of the field.

Vida Bingham and Nigel Osmer (picture) won all seven matches in the one-day Swiss Pairs event to take victory with 107 VPs. Malcolm Lewis & Nicky Adamson were second on 99 VPs, and Graham Foster & Steve Cade-Bowyer were third on 98 VPs.

On Sunday, the Swiss Teams was won by the team of Jeremy Dhondy, Alan Kay, Patrick Collins & Peter Law (picture). They were the only team to win all seven matches, and finished 5 VPs ahead of the team of Paul Hackett, Roger O'Shea, Colin Simpson & David Price. There was a tie for third between the team of Phil Thornton, Bob Holder, Robert Procter & Michael Robinson, and the team of Malcolm Harris, Maria Budd, Celia Oram & Derek Oram.


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