Star Grand Masters - new to the Master Point scheme

A new addition has been made to the Master Point scheme, with Star Grand Master ranks introduced to bridge the gap between the existing ranks of Grand Master and Premier Grand Master.

It was recognised that whilst the requirements for these ranks are appropriate, the gap was too wide without there being interim levels which members could achieve as they strive to reach the highest rank. Star Grand Master was therefore introduced, with the member gaining an extra star for each additional 200 Green Points won. More information is available on the Master Point page of the website.

A list of those who have been promoted due to the introduction of these new ranks is available here.

Landmark promotions in the Master Point scheme are printed in every second issue of English Bridge, and a list of all promotions (sorted by county) can be seen on our website with a new list posted every month.

Forthcoming changes in data protection regulations

Some members may be aware that the new General Data Protection Regulation that comes into force in May of next year is likely to require us to contact all EBU members to ask them to agree to specific uses of the data we hold about them. Clubs and counties will also need to comply with this legislation so they may also need to contact you.

We’ll be in touch with members later in the year with more detailed requests, but before then we would be interested to hear from any members who have been involved with implementing this in a professional capacity, especially for another membership organisation. Please contact if you would be happy to share your experience.

Two medals and four World Championship places earned at European Youth Championships

England have enjoyed a fantastic European Youth Team Championships, which finished today in Slovakia.

The U26 Women and U21s won bronze medals, and all four teams qualified for next year's World Championships - England being the only country to achieve this. This exceeds the pre-tournament expectations with Alan Shillitoe, NPC of the U26 team calling it, "by far the best all-round performance we have achieved at this level". We echo his "congratulations to all the players who achieved this and thanks to all the coaches, captains and mentors who helped to develop and lead the players".

Under 21 NPC Michael Byrne says:
"I am incredibly proud of my team of 6 players Ben Norton, Sam Behrens, Liam Sanderson, Daniel Winter, Jonathan Clark, Kripa Panchagnula and Bryony Youngs as Coach who showed nothing but true grit and strength of character in the final day to win the Bronze medal.

"They played their hearts out and never gave up even when bad luck and illness threatened to ruin our success. They were all fantastic team players who gave their heart and soul to represent their country, and I am proud to stand alongside them as we collect our medal"

Alan and Michael have been writing blogs which you can read here. Alan has also been taking photographs which you can see here.

Final Position
Under 26s Shivam Shah & Alex Roberts; Michael Alishaw & Stephen Kennedy; Toby Nonnenmacher & Kyle Lam; NPC: Alan Shillitoe; Coach: Jon Cooke (team photo) 6th Link to results
Under 26 Women Alex Birchall & Yvonne Wiseman; Siyu Ren & Ewa Wieczorek; Olivia Bailey & Hanna Tuus; NPC: Sally Brock; Coach: Bryony Youngs (team photo) 3rd Link to results
Under 21s Ben Norton & Sam Behrens; Kripa Panchagnula & Jonathan Clark; Liam Sanderson & Daniel Winter; NPC: Michael Byrne; Coach: Bryony Youngs (team photo) 3rd Link to results
Under 16s Oscar Selby & Henry Rose; Liz Gahan & Andy Cope; Alex Pemberton & Theo Anoyrkatis; NPC: Mike Bell; Coach: Sarah Bell 4th
Competition finished on Wednesday - see here
Link to results


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