Clive Keep wins January online competition

Clive Keep has won January's online games Ladder Competition. Clive's four best scores in our online games with Funbridge in December averaged 64.55%, with Howard Jennings second with 63.94% and Robert Dixon in third with 62.68%. All the players receive a cash prize.

A new ladder competition for February starts in Thursday's game, and an annual competition is underway with Matthew Covill taking an early lead.

For more details on playing in our online games on Funbridge, please see this FAQ page.

Dhondy & Smith win Lady Milne trials

The trials to represent England in the Lady Milne have been won by Heather Dhondy & Abbey Smith. They finished the 16-pair trial on +93.51 IMPs after 120 boards, with Alexandra Birchall & Qian Li in second on +58.93 IMPs.

Those pairs qualify automatically to represent England.

Update: Heather Bakhshi & Claire Robinson, who finished third in the trial, have been selected to complete the team.

The Lady Milne will take place in Scotland 13th-15th April.

February issue of English Bridge out now

The February 2018 issue of English Bridge is out now.

The online version, which contains extra content, is available via My EBU (use the 'Magazine' link in the top right corner of the My EBU webpage). More information on accessing and using the online version is available here.

Please note the change to the policy for the distribution to magazines to households currently receiving more than one copy - please see here for more details.

Change in magazine policy to help reduce waste

In order to help reduce the number of copies of English Bridge which are 'wasted', we are changing the way the magazines are distributed.

From the April 2018 issue, we will only dispatch one magazine per household, unless you opt in to say you wish to receive all the magazines to which the members of your household are entitled. The distribution of the diary is not affected.

We believe this is the environmentally and financially responsible action to take, but we are only trying to eliminate waste. If your household reads all the copies which are currently received, so you want to continue receiving them all, then we are very happy to send them to you. But to continue receiving them you must opt-in. Alternatively if you are happy for your household to receive only one copy as one is unread, or a single copy could be shared, then you need take no action.

How to opt-in

The best and easiest way to opt-in is by changing the setting on your account on My EBU. All you need to do is...

  • Log-in to My EBU (if you don't know your password then you can reset it here)
  • Click on 'account' in the top right corner, select 'My details', and then click on the box labelled 'Receive multiple magazines at my address' which is in the 'account settings section' of the page. Then click 'save changes'.

Only one member of each household needs to do this.


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