Nonnenmacher team wins National Swiss Teams

The National Swiss Teams has been won by Toby Nonnenmacher (London), Ed Jones (Oxon), Kieran Dyke (London) & Michael Byrne (Manchester).

The new event on the calendar (after the National Teams Congress was split in to two separate events) took place at West Midlands Bridge Club, and was run by Warwickshire CBA on behalf of the EBU.

The Nonnenmacher team won 12 of their 14 matches, finishing with 200 VPs. Nicola Smith (Middlesex), Catherine Draper, Andrew Woodcock (both Manchester) & Michael Prior (Kent) were second with 181 VP, and Ben Green (London), John Holland (Manchester), Barry Myers & Sally Brock (both Berks & Bucks) were third with 176 VPs.

The B Stratification winners were Neil Ford, Sue Ford, Paul Owen & Jon Garrett (all Warks), who finished in 22nd. There were joint winners of the C stratification prize in 26th=: the junior team of Henry Rose (Oxon), Jasmine Bakhshi (London), Imogen La Chapelle (Norfolk) & Elizabeth Gahan (Warks); Rob Wilson, Maggie Webster, Chris Quarmby, Mary Currigan & Judith Currie (all Warks).

Colin Simpson receives Diamond Award

Colin Simpson has received the EBU's Diamond Award. Jeremy Dhondy presented the award to him this week, having previously announced at the EBU Shareholders' Meeting that Colin would received the award.

The Diamond Award recognises excellence and success over a sustained period for England's international teams.

Colin is a Senior World and European Champion, having won those events in 2009 and 2014 respectively. These were among his eight appearances for England's Senior team in major competitions, and he played for the Open team in five major championships in the early part of the millennium. He has also represented England numerous times in the Camrose and Teltscher Trophy competitions.

Play for England in Commonwealth Nations Championships

The Commonwealth Nations Bridge Championships is held every four years and will next be held in Australia at the Gold Coast Congress on 14th – 18th February 2018.

The Selection Committee invites applications for suitable players to apply to represent England at this event. Applications, which should be received by the 29th May, will be considered from teams or from pairs willing to be matched up to form a team. This team will be entirely self-funding – there will be no financial support from the EBU. Please send applications to


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