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Individual's can make a donation through EBED's webpage (see 15th January below for details).

To see a list of those who are sponsoring the squads, and who have made donations, please visit the Junior Squad page.

1st October, 24th November, 13th December, 11th January, 15th January, 19th February

19th February 2018

The teams' preparations have continued with a great result in the Junior Camrose and Peggy Bayer Trophies. Both the U26s and U21s retained the trophies, with an additional EBU team finishing in second place in the Junior Camrose.

15th January 2018

English Bridge Education & Development has offered its support to the ongoing fundraising efforts for the junior teams participating in the 2018 World Youth Team Championships.

Not only will EBED be making a donation from its funds, but a page has been established on its website which allows individuals to make a donation to the fundraising effort through EBED, thereby allowing Gift Aid to be reclaimed. These donations will then be included as part of a larger donation by EBED to the EBU to support the junior teams.

Part of EBED's remit is to promote and develop the playing of bridge by those in full time education, and its constitution makes specific provision for supporting junior involvement in events organised by the World Bridge Federation. The fundraising will not only contribute to the costs of participation, but also to the squad's training sessions in the build up to the event so they can perform as well as possible in the competition. EBED hopes that this may give further enthusiasm to youngsters who may just be starting to play; that it may motivate more to give bridge a try; and that it may encourage more people to set up bridge activities for young players.

The EBU, and those involved in the squads are very grateful for EBED's contribution.

11th January 2018

Fundraising has got off to a good start, with a number of new donations received.

To see a list of those who are sponsoring the squads, and who have made donations, please visit the Junior Squad page.

Stansfield Bridge Club have found a novel way to support the efforts. Alongside a donation from the club they are also selling copies of the print you can see to the left, painted by club member, and esteemed artist, Rui Paes, with all proceeds going to the fundraising effort. See here for more information.

13th December

Fundraising to send our four Junior Teams (U26; U26 Women; U21; U16) to the World Youth Teams Championships next year has begun in earnest.

EBU Vice-Chairman Ian Payn has taken responsibility for the campaign after the resignation of Darren Evetts from the EBU Board. He will be supported by the Chairman of the Selection Committee, Gillian Fawcett, Squad Leaders, players themselves and their parents, in his endeavours to engage counties clubs and individuals in raising funds for this worthwhile cause.

County Chairmen have already been written to, and the response so far has been encouraging (Sussex having already raised funds well before the letters even went out), and we have also received a very generous donation from the Worshipful Company of Playing Card Makers.

This campaign has only two rules:

  • 1. No contribution is too small. We are grateful for any effort.
  • 2. No hard sell: this is an entirely voluntary affair.

There is very exciting news on the major sponsor front, as well. Squad Leader for the Women’s U26 Sally Brock has managed to acquire a massive £10,000 donation from Touchlight to fund travel and, crucially, training for the U26 Women’s team. We are incredibly grateful to them.

"Touchlight is delighted to support the Under 26 Women’s Bridge team and look forward to seeing their progress throughout 2018.
Touchlight was established on the conviction that our ever-increasing understanding of DNA would lead to its emergence as a material of the future. As such we have developed, patented, scaled and evidenced a revolutionary enzymatic platform to enable the new generation of DNA-based products."

But it’s not all about big packages – we want everyone who wants to, to feel a part of this, to feel they’re encouraging the future of the game.

Thanks also to No Fear Bridge for their support of the U16s through the donation of free membership to their website to all the squad and coaches.

To see a list of those who are sponsoring the squads, and who have made donations, please visit the Junior Squad page.

24th November 2017

Thank you to all those who have so far expressed an interest in sponsoring the junior teams.

The question has been raised, shouldn’t funding International teams (including juniors) come from the EBU’s budget? The answer to this question is, of course, ‘Yes’. However, aside from the matter of balancing the budget in the wake of such an excellent, and admittedly unexpected, performance, such an unprecedented achievement for the junior teams provides an ideal opportunity for us to showcase their success by reaching out to Members, and the wider community, for support. By showcasing this accomplishment we not only raise awareness of bridge in the wider community - and some positive news on the back of recent disappointments is welcome - but also brings the Junior Teams to the centre of activity within our Clubs and Counties. This alone may be enough to inspire young people to take an interest in the game, and see that there is a great opportunity to be had from learning at a young age and, potentially, representing their country!

To bring you up to date, we have received some interest in sponsoring one or more of the teams. If you would like to receive our information pack on the sponsorship opportunities which are available then please contact us.

We have also started collating ideas of how Clubs and Counties might find ways to contribute. Some ideas so far are:

  • That clubs could, for an agreed period, add a voluntary premium to the Universal Membership fee. This provides local communities with the opportunity to contribute without the need for organising fundraisers. Interestingly, if every affiliated club added £1 per player to its table money for one week we would raise around £39,000 – the job would be almost done. We have already received interest from one club who are keen to engage with this idea. If you would like to discuss this option in more detail please do not hesitate to contact us.
  • Play with a Junior International – We could arrange for one or more of the junior squad to attend a session at your club where members could ‘bid’ to play a session of bridge with a Junior International (conditions will apply).
  • Bridge Drives
  • Raffles, etc

If you would like to discuss any aspect of sponsorship/fund raising further, please do not hesitate to contact us on postmaster@ebu.co.uk, or 01296 317200.

Thank you for your interest, and support.

1st October 2017


This is your opportunity to help our young players take part in the 2018 World Youth Team Championships

The superb and unprecedented performance by all our junior teams in the 2017 European Championships means every team has qualified to play in the 2018 World Youth Team Championships in China. This outstanding achievement by the U26s, U26 Women, U21s and U16s, means that England will be the only European country represented in all four competitions in Suzhou, from 9th to 18th August.

From top, members of the U26 team, the U26 Women’s team, the U21s and the U16s who powered through the European Youth Championships (teams may change for 2018)

Together we can give our support and sponsorship to these talented youngsters. We are sure that members, clubs and Counties will be keen to help with fundraising. The Bridge community worldwide will be able to see the support and encouragement that English bridge players have given to their junior teams.

If you have any thoughts, comments, or suggestions for fundraising, or can offer personal sponsorship, please email - postmaster@ebu.co.uk - or call the EBU on 01296 317200.

Thank you very much for your support.

This fundraising was originally being coordinated by Darren Evetts, though he has since resigned from the EBU Board. It is now being coordinated by Ian Payn, EBU Vice Chairman. Ian can be contacted on Ian.Payn@ebu.co.uk.