EBU 75th Anniversary
Over 75 Years Dedicated to Duplicate Bridge in England

Happy Birthday from the World Bridge Federation

Dear Sally

It is with great pleasure that, both personally and on behalf of my colleagues in the World Bridge Federation, I am able to offer our sincere congratulations to the English Bridge Union and its members on this, the occasion of their 75th Anniversary.

The history of bridge and of the WBF in particular has, from the very start, been enhanced by the contribution of the English Bridge Union and its Officers and Managers and by the performances of its great champions.

The WBF has appreciated the support of the EBU also in recent years and we are especially pleased to note the success of your teams at World level, and trust that you will continue to compete successfully in the International Arena in future.

We look forward to a continued excellent relationship with the Union in years to come.

Un abbraccio to you, your colleagues and all the English players.

Gianarrigo Rona

President, World Bridge Federation