Bid72 EBU Bidding Contest - July Results

August 1, 2022

In the Bid72 EBU Bidding Contest, there are four ranked groups (A, B, C and New). The aim of the bidding contest is to bid with your own chosen partner and your preferred system, using the app bid72.

First time players compete in the New group. Each month there is a relegation or promotion of players, during this time new players are also placed into one of the three groups depending on their score. This service is completely free for EBU members and made available by bid72, the premium app on bridge bidding.

Following the July monthly score the pairat the top of group A is the partnership of Mark B - Lawman with a current average score of 8.00. In second place are Alex G - Paul G, and in third place are Gerard T - Andrew M.

In group B, four partnerships will be promoted to group A, they are; Mike R - ch5295; simonb - carolinem; Robin H - Ray T and Olivier L - Caroline L.

In group C five partnerships will be promoted to group B, these are; Linda T - Malcolm W; Harry F - Tony Q; Robert H - Simon A; Graham L - Sid B and Jonathan F - Portia F

  • For more information and to register see Bid72 EBU