BridgeClubLive now Provides a HYBRID F2F Session Capability

July 21, 2021

BridgeClubLive now provide hybrid sessions for their clubs. Clubs can upload their hands ready for play both in their real world club and existing virtual sessions, with results from both merged. Those at home can participate fully when they play the same hands at the same time as those in their real club. A minimum number of 3 virtual tables is all that is required. 

This could be beneficial for clubs that are thinking about re-opening as the Covid-19 restrictions ease, but have some members that would still prefer to play online. This feature is also very useful for SIMS and Charity events across multiple clubs. 

For any club, there is no cost to have their own Virtual F2F Session other than the requirement that all participants are full members of BCL. For more information email: 

For more information about hybrid sessions, EBU Club Liaison Officer Jonathan Lillycrop has written a report about how to combine results from an online section and a face-to-face section to help clubs who might be considering this as part of their restart strategy.

Board member Patrick Shields has also written some more about these ‘hybrid sessions’