Changes to Licence Fees for Green Pointed events

February 4, 2022

Following decisions made at the AGM in November, we would like to remind counties that they are now limited to only running one of their Green Pointed events online each year. This change was introduced at start of the year but some leniency may be given for events in the near future that have already been planned and advertised. Note that this only applies to One-Day Green Pointed events and not to other County events.

In addition, with effect from 1st April 2022 the licence fees for these events will now be £12.30 per table per session when held online, as opposed to £8.32 when held face-to-face.

This is to encourage counties to plan face-to-face events as much as possible, in line with their remit to provide regional rather than national events, and to reduce clashes between counties.

The original intention had been for the online rate to be £16.40, as agreed at the AGM, and the Board will review the increase later in the year.