Channel Trophy Successes

March 14, 2022

The Channel Trophy 2021 took place this weekend, the event was delayed due to Covid, with a placeholder event held on RealBridge in December 2021 (details here).

The annual junior event held between France, Belgium, England and the Netherlands took place face-to-face at the Pieterman Bridge Club in Leuven, Belgium.

Congratulations to our England Junior teams who took part in the event. The U26 and U21 teams finished in first place, with the U26W team finishing third in their respective categories. 

Andrew Robson write an article about the event in the Times, you can read it here (posted with his permission)

Full results

The England teams were as follows:

U21 Team

Oscar Selby and Harry Madden

Liam Fegarty and Jamie Fegarty

Imogen La Chapelle and Henry Rose

NPC: Giorgio Provenza


U26W Team

Lily Kearney and Bethany Madden

Dido Coley and Kim Hudson

Lucy Norman and Charlotte Bedford

NPC: Neeraj Tanna

Chaperone: Nathalie Shashou


U26 Team

Charles Bucknell and Ewa Wieczorek

Jonathan Clark and Kripa Panchagnula

Oliver Powell and Aaron Hutton

NPC: Nick Sandqvist

Coach: Stephen Kennedy