Club Insurance

July 2, 2020

Following the refund of the club affiliation fees, we have had a query regarding a possible extension to the club insurance policy. Third Party Marsh Commercial, who provide the club insurance, have provided the following statement:

"As much as we would like to support the bridge clubs by extending the policy for free, this isn’t something that we as your broker can authorise and your insurance company are unable to agree to that either. This is because although the clubs may not have been meeting in their usual fashion to play, the insurance has still been in place and the insurers are still at risk of having to pay claims for damage/loss to contents & equipment through theft, fire and any other peril covered by the policy, then there is injury to third parties or members (even though reduced activity, this can still occur), damage to third party property which the club becomes liable for.
Clubs can rest assured that when they return to play, they will continue to benefit from their insurance policy in the same way as always – Covid-19 will not impact the cover. The public liability & employers liability sections will respond to events whereby the club or its members are found to be legally liable following a negligent act."