Club Restart Seminar Highlights and Video

April 21, 2022

On Wednesday 13th April the EBU held a Club Restart Seminar, via Zoom. Thank you to all those who attended the meeting, we hope you found the details useful. The recording of the session is now available on the EBU YouTube channel. Please also find below some highlights from the session:

  • Information here and here on using tablets instead of Bridgemates
  • Download link for marketing materials
  • TD videos
  • TD forum for advice
  • EBED TD course calendar
  • We discussed the question of how to accommodate novices in sessions that are also submitted for NGS and/or Master Points. There is no problem with including novices in these sessions and we recommend that TDs encourage the club to welcome such players and be understanding about small irregularities arising from inexperience. However we do not have any approved way to exclude novices from the scoring. There is provision to exclude certain pairs from NGS, on which we have information here, and also note that the partner of a new player, playing their first 150 boards, will not be graded. Novices in club sessions must not be given coaching or other assistance during the session. Some clubs have been able to run novice sessions alongside club sessions and with the same boards (but not included in the movement) which is a different scenario where teaching is of course permissible. There is also provision for unregulated sessions, using code 11, which exclude everyone from both NGS and Master Points, allowing full freedom with coaching novices. We also have mentor sessions using code 12, which exclude NGS but not Master Points, though in this case coaching during the hand is not permitted.

If you have any questions from the meeting, please contact me via