De Botton and Holland teams win at National Teams Congress

The National Teams Congress, which took place in Northampton on 18th & 19th January, this year included two parallel events - a Point-a-Board teams and a Swiss teams.

The Point-a-Board teams was won by the team of John Holland & Ben Green and Jeremy Dhondy & Brian Callaghan who won both of their qualifying sessions before winning the final with a score of 58. There was a tie for second on 51 between the team of Jeffrey Allerton & Chris Jagger and Frances Hinden & Graham Osborne, and the team of Alan Woo & Olivia Woo and Brian Senior & Alex Hydes.

The Point-a-Board consolation final was won by Simon Creasey & Ian Handley and Roger Bryant & David Kenward.

The Swiss teams was won by the team of Waseem Naqvi & Thor Hoftaniska and Janet de Botton & Artur Malinowski (pictured) who finished on 176 VPs. The team of Debbie Sandford & Brian Ransley and Brian McGuire & Guy Hart were second on 167, and the team of Robert Miller & Jim Deacon and Bill Taylor & Mark Hodgson were third on 165.

January 20, 2014