EBU Online Magazine - Discovery, Issue 4

Don’t miss our new edition of Discovery magazine – there's something for everyone!

The July 2024 issue of Discovery is now available, our publication for players of any standard, with a focus on what will be useful to novices and intermediate players as they seek to improve their game.

Link to the July 2024 issue

The articles in the issue are split into the following categories for ease of reading, Bidding, Fiction, Declarer Play, Defence, Alerting & Announcing, and "Did You Know?".

Highlights from this issue include:

Bidding 3NT In Pairs
Three contributors look at the vexed issue of whether to be in 3NT or four of a major. Amazingly - they all agree (more or less . . .), starting on page 17.

The Danger Hand
Paul Bowyer looks at how to keep certain defenders off play when you are declarer. There are also links that you can click and play through the hand yourself, starting on page 39.

Don't be lazy
Stephen Kennedy shows how important it is to bother! Bother to read partner’s lead, bother to think about what you know, bother to look for clues and mount the perfect defence. You’ll be surprised at how much you can do and practice makes perfect, starting on page 58.

… and much more! Don’t miss it.

July 3, 2024