EBU Summer Meeting and Covid-19

August 3, 2021

In response to requests from members, here is some more information about arrangements for the Summer Meeting with regard to Covid-19.

Our Risk Assessment is available to view on the website and players may wish to make their own assessment of the risks involved. Players will not be asked for “vaccine passports”. The venue has high ceilings and state-of-the art air-conditioning. Tables will be more generously spaced than usual and we will not display updating results in areas that might lead to crowds forming. Instead we will provide results and assignments on the EBU website and using the Bridgemate app, as well as on the Bridgemate units.

We will not insist on players wearing masks, but we will provide some for those who want. Anyone who wants a greater degree of protection may wish to purchase masks with FFP2 or FFP3 protection, such as these.

Players are asked not to come to the event if exhibiting signs of Covid infection. Individuals can get Lateral Flow tests online, from pharmacies and from community centres such as public libraries.