English Riviera New Format

May 16, 2022

We are excited to announce that we are going to trial a Mixed Pairs Congress this year instead of the English Riviera Congress. It will be held on RealBridge with a qualifier on 2nd July and a final on 3rd July alongside a consolation Swiss Pairs (stratified) for non-qualifiers and for those who only want to play on one day. All pairs on both days must comprise two players of different gender.

The schedule will be a little more relaxed than most of our congresses, with each day only being 40-45 boards, and it will also be cheaper at £45 per player for the weekend or £25 for the Sunday only. The format and pricing on future years will depend on the success of this and the feedback we get about it afterwards.

If you would prefer playing face-to-face, you may like the Scarborough Summer Congress, 21st - 24th July, at Scarborough Spa. The Scarborough Spa provides a splendid venue right on the seafront. There is great value for money in the many restaurants and Scarborough hotels. The congress includes Multiple Teams for the McMahon Trophy, stratified Swiss Pairs for the Philip Mason Trophy and Seniors Pairs for the Patrick Jourdain Trophy.

The easiest way to enter for either event is online through My EBU. You can also call 01296 317203, email comps@ebu.co.uk.