Garden Cities finalists known

The Regional Finals of the Garden Cities trophy took place over the weekend at four different venues around the country. Eight teams in total qualified for the Garden Cities Final, which will take place on Saturday 1st June. 


Qualifiers: 1st Sheffield Bridge Club (Yorkshire), 2nd= Bramhall & Cheadle Bridge Club (Manchester) – qualified on a split tie


Qualifiers: 1st= Coventry and North Warwickshire Bridge Club (Warwickshire), 1st= Cambridge Bridge Club (Cambs & Hunts)

South East/Richmond

Qualifiers: 1st Avenue Bridge Club (Sussex), 2nd Young Chelsea Bridge Club (London)

South West/Bristol

Qualifiers: 1st Allendale Bridge Club (Dorset), 2nd Cheltenham Bridge Club (Gloucestershire)

Full results

May 14, 2024