GCH Fox Pairs hybrid event at Summer Meeting

August 3, 2021

As part of the forthcoming Summer Meeting in Eastbourne, the new-format GCH Fox Pairs on Monday 9 and Tuesday 10 will allow players to join any or all of the sessions to play online using Bridgemate Play.

Members can enter on My EBU under the Summer Meeting, for one session or all four, and then need to register their entry at www.bridgemate.club.

Anyone who already has the Bridgemate app (which we will also be using during the congress for results and assignments) should ensure that they have selected “EBU” as one of their clubs, listed under “Buckinghamshire”.

Brief summary:

  1. Create an account at www.bridgemate.club (if you don't already have one)
  2. Login to www.bridgemate.club
  3. Add the EBU as one of your clubs (it's listed under Buckinghamshire)
  4. Go to 'Events', where you should see the four GHC Fox Pairs sessions listed
  5. Click the button to register for the session(s) in which you'd like to play
  6. You can access each session up to an hour before they start, by logging-in to www.bridgemate.club and returning to the 'Events' page
  7. Once in the session's "lobby" you will be able to select your partner and chat with other players whilst you wait for the director to start the game

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