Gemma Kitching from Cancer Research UK Invites you to join the Festival

Gemma Kitching is the EBU Relationship Manager with Cancer Research UK, she would like to extend a big thank you to all the clubs currently planning to host events for the Bridge - It's a Big Deal! A Festival of Bridge:

We currently have 150 events planned for our Bridge - It’s a Big Deal! (BIABD) a Festival of Bridge, taking place in 101 unique clubs and counties

Map of events so farWe would love it if all clubs and players can join in the fun. Please let us know if your club would like to take part by either dedicating an existing session, hosting a session of the National Handicap Championship Pairs, joining the EBED Sim Pairs in aid of the festival, or coming up with something new to help raise funds for Cancer Research UK.

You are invited to join us next week for our latest Festival planning meetings via Zoom. In these meetings we will discuss the specifics for advertising your events. The next sessions will be held on Wednesday 10th July at 9.30am and 7.30pm, to join please email for the link.

The Festival of bridge is designed to attract players back to the club, bring in new players and celebrate all of the positive benefits of bridge.

The EBU have designed marketing materials, promotional bunting, signage and everything you need to make your event a success. Please email us at for more information and click on the following link to visit the festival pages.

If you have Facebook, we invite you to join our Facebook festival page.

We will support any festival activity by promoting your club through our social media channels and on the website.

Please click on the picture of the map above to see more details of the events planned so far.

EBU and Cancer Research UK logo 

Supporting Cancer Research UK through BIABD adds an extra layer of significance to your event. Cancer touches many lives, and the efforts of bridge players across the country can contribute to ground-breaking research and support for those affected by the disease. Every game played, every event held, and every pound raised brings us one step closer to a world where cancer is defeated.

We look forward to welcoming your ideas and involvement in this very exciting event for a very worth cause.

July 1, 2024