Hinden team wins Schapiro Spring Fours

May 4, 2022

The Hinden team of Jeffrey AllertonTony ForresterFrances HindenChris Jagger & Graham Osborne, have won the Schapiro Spring Foursomes. The team are pictured receiving the trophy at the venue.

The Hinden team beat the Orca team (Alexander AllfreyPeter CrouchEspen ErichsenZia Mahmood, Richard Plackett & Andrew Robson) in the final.

The defeated semi-finalists were the Castner and Black teams.

The event is part of the Player of the Year Championships. The win for the Hinden team puts them in the top 20 and being part of the runners-up team takes Peter Crouch into a clear lead at the top of the table.

We are grateful to Helen Schapiro for her continuing support of the event in memory of her husband, the great Boris Schapiro.