Inter-Schools League for the Lord's Trophy

September 27, 2021

With the match between Eton and Habs B played Last Thursday (Eton won 52-25), the first edition of the Inter-schools League for the Lord's Trophy is underway.

After the schools Cup went online last March, given the tremendous success of it, EBED decided to put together an all year round competition for schools to be played online.

Thanks to many people's effort, particularly Joan Bennett and Stuart Haring, over 30 teams from 17 schools will be taking part, divided in 3 Divisions, according to experience with the game of bridge.

At the end of the school year, the winners of Division 1 will be awarded the Lords Trophy. It is also hoped the pupils will be invited to visit the House of Lords, reviving a great tradition that Covid has brought to a halt.

EBED CEO Giorgio Provenza has said: "I would like to thank Baroness Ruth Henig and the Lords for their patronage of the competition. 

If any school is interested to join the league, please contact EBED's National Youth Coordinator Joan Bennett (

Good luck to all the participants and have fun!"