Lambourne Jersey Festival Winners

The Lambourne Jersey Congress concluded over the weekend. The Swiss Pairs was won by John Holland & Raymond Semp, finishing with a score of 135 VPs ahead of Nick Woodcock & Sue Woodcock with 124 VPs. The top two pairs (John Holland, Raymond Semp, Nick Woodcock, Sue Woodcock) joined forces in the Multiple teams to win with a score of 54 IMPs, ahead of the team of Carolyn Fisher, Pat Watson, Allan Sanis & Judith Sanis with 48 IMPs.

In the Swiss Teams the team of Helen Lawton-Smith & John Slater, Kathy Talbot & Denis Talbot (pictured) finished in first place with a score of 103 VPs, ahead of the team of Susan Parkins & Angela Treen, Rachel Bingham & Matt Bingham with 97 VPs.

The other winners at the congress were:
Championship Pairs: Matthew Bingham & Rachel Bingham
Senior Pairs: Sue Woodcock & Nick Woodcock
Mixed/Open Pairs: David Hole & Roz Bavin

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May 14, 2024