Member Banned from Competitions

August 29, 2020

As reported in this month’s English Bridge an EBU Disciplinary Committee recently considered charges against Mr Andrew Sobell under paragraph 3.2(iv) of the EBU Disciplinary Rules, for unfair or dishonest play and imposed a sanction on him of a two-year ban from participation in EBU competitions.

This arose from a number of online sessions on the Bridgebase Online (BBO) platform between March and June 2020 where he was aware of the layout of the hands when playing. This was achieved by ‘self-kibitzing’: when playing under one BBO username, he was watching the sessions logged in under a different username, and could thereby see all four hands.

Further cases arising from online cheating are currently being considered and convictions from them will be announced here. Information is also available on this website about the EBU’s approach to dealing with online cheating.