Misinformation in Emails to Members

Club and county representatives have been contacted directly on behalf of the EBU Board about a number of emails that had been circulating, questioning recent decisions made by it.

From a data protection perspective, we would like to reassure those who have received emails or phone calls that their details have not come from us; we take data protection very seriously and have always refused (and will continue to refuse) to give anyone our list of shareholders’ contact details when anyone has asked for them.

These emails seem to have been sent as part of a campaign by David Parry to get himself co-opted to the Board of the EBU, having failed to be elected to it in November 2023. In sending these emails he has included incorrect financial information about the Bridge – It’s a Big Deal! festival

In addition to the above-mentioned, his account of the festival and its intentions are not the same as the advertised events, which you can see here on the festival webpage.

The EBU and the festival teams are happy to answer any questions any members may have.

We are determined that the festival will be a big success. There are currently 27 club events planned, 20 counties have appointed Festival Managers and there are a number of national events, some of which are spread over several days. We expect all of these numbers to increase as we get closer to the designated week – now less than four months away!

May 20, 2024