New Disciplinary Conviction

An EBU Disciplinary Committee recently considered the following charges against Malcolm Boyack (BBO Name MBoyack)at a hearing in May.

That when he played in online games on the Bridgebase Online (“BBO”) platform organised by Cullompton Bridge Club, he had knowledge of the layout of the hands obtained whilst acting as the director of the sessions concerned. 

That he took advantage of this information to make calls and plays which he was unlikely to have made had he not known the layout of the hands, to the benefit of his bridge scores in those sessions.

The defendant denied the charges. A disciplinary hearing was held. The Disciplinary Committee found the charges proved to their comfortable satisfaction, and that the defendant’s conduct constituted an offence under paragraph 3.2(iv) of the EBU Disciplinary Rules, being unfair or dishonest play. 

The Committee imposed a sanction of suspension of EBU membership for a period of 3 years.

Currently Sanctioned Members

June 22, 2021