New EBU Calendar

May 27, 2022

The EBU calendar, showing forthcoming competitions, has been improved and is now live on the site. The different types of event are now clearer and easier to filter. Details for how to use the new calendar can be found below or watch our video calendar guide.

Please note: The old version of the calendar will remain available (EBU Google calendar) if you find it more convenient.

How to Use

The default view shows all events in date order. To change your view click the filters button in the top right. You can pin the filter so that it is always visible by clicking the pin.

Screen shot of the pin button

By clicking on the column headings you can sort the data, for example clicking on the name column will sort events by name into alphabetical order. 

Sort filter on new calendar

To change the search, press the clear button to remove all filters and then repick new filters and click search. 

Screen shot of clear button on new calendar

If you want to save your regular search click the padlock, this will save your search for when you return the website. 

Screen shot of padlock button on new calendar

By clicking on the name of the event you are interested in you will be taken to the event details page which will show further information about the event.

By clicking on the event link, this will take you to the event webpage.

You can change how you view the calendar, either in list form or calendar form by clicking the toggle button next to the filters button on the top right. This will toggle between the options "view calendar" or "view event grid".

Screen shot of calendar view button on new calendar

How to Add Events

All counties will be able to add, edit and delete their own events (You won’t be able to edit or delete anyone else’s).

To add events to the calendar you will need a login. To get your username and password so you can start to promote your events please contact

Once you have received your username and password, you can login. The option for this is at the top of the page. 

Click Add New Event. Please fill in as much detail about your event as possible. This will help more people find your event using the filtering system. 

If you are entering a multi-day event you can save and copy to add your event across multiple days, changing any sections as appropriate.

Edit events by clicking the action button next to the event you would like to edit. 

You can save events as draft if you do not wish them to be published immediately. There is a tick box to show if events are published.

We hope you find the calendar a useful tool for promoting your bridge events. If you have any questions, please email