New Online Bridge Platform: Pianola Play

March 4, 2021

Pianola Play is another new way to run your club's games online. Currently, it's online-only but (by the time lockdown rules end) you will be able to arrange "hybrid" games that can include a mix of face-to-face and online players in the same game. The hybrid version is being developed in collaboration with Bridgemate and will be available to any club that uses Bridgemates - whether or not they use Pianola.

The main benefits of Pianola Play are:

  • A simple, easy-to-use interface for both players and directors
  • No additional fees for either the club or players. Like all Pianola's club features, Pianola Play is included as part of the standard club subscription. There’s no need to buy “BBO$” or make any other payment to use the service
  • Easy access: players login using their existing Pianola credentials. No need to remember yet another username and password
  • See partner and opponents’ real names during the game - instead of obscure usernames
  • Publish results to Pianola with one click, or download results as XML to publish elsewhere (e.g. BridgeWebs)

All affiliated clubs can use Pianola free of charge for twelve months. Thereafter, rates based on table-count if the club chooses to take a paid subscription.

Visit for more information about Pianola's other features and to sign up for a free 12 month trial.