Price increase for EBU Tournaments on BBO

October 12, 2020

From 1st November we will be putting up the price of all our regular daily EBU games on BBO to $2 for 12 boards.

One reason is simply to contribute to the survival of the EBU, especially now that any return to “normality” seems further away, and as an organisation we continue to eat into our reserves despite the extensive money-saving measures we have taken.
The other reason is that some of our clubs have told us that they feel we are undercutting them, although that is certainly not our intention and it must be noted that our games are shorter than theirs. We do not want a situation where any players choose to play in our games rather than those of virtual clubs due to there being a financial advantage.

We are keen for all members to support their virtual clubs; our games are provided for those whose clubs are not running online games at all and for those who want to play at a time when their club is not running a game.
We hope you will understand and not be put off by this decision and that you agree these games are still good value. Do please support your Virtual Clubs!

Players should remember that buying BB$ through an app using Apple or Google incurs a surcharge, so it is cheaper to buy them directly from Bridgebase in a web browser.