A Return to Face-to-Face Bridge?

May 14, 2021

We are on course for the next stage in the lifting of Lockdown and many clubs are thinking ahead to 21st June when we hope all restrictions will be lifted. Nevertheless many clubs will have concerns as to how and when they should re-open and it is not our role to tell them what to do, since the circumstances they face will vary greatly.

We do however have information that might be of use in making those decisions, on the Covid-19 pages of this website, on the EBU Forums, and an example of how one club, Mid-Essex Bridge Club in Billericay, is planning their re-start

Our Club Liaison Officer Jonathan Lillycrop has written a report about how to combine results from an online section and a face-to-face section to help clubs who might be considering this as part of their restart strategy.

Board member Patrick Shields has also written some more about these ‘hybrid sessions’