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Welcome to the Event Hub for the Summer Meeting 2017. Here you will find links to results, articles, important information and photos from the event. We hope you'll check back frequently as this is updated. For information and links to help plan your trip to Eastbourne please see the 'pre-congress' information page.

Event programme


A one-off Summer Festival Due to renovations of the Devonshire Park complex, the Winter Gardens are not available in Summer 2018. The Summer Meeting will therefore not be held in Eastbourne, and we will instead be holding a one-off Summer Festival of Bridge.

  • The main weekend competitions will be held at the Royal National Hotel in London. Friday 3rd - Sunday 5th August: the Swiss Pairs Championship for the Harold Poster Trophy Friday 17th - Sunday 19th August: the Four Stars Swiss Teams Championship These competitions will follow the current format.
  • There will be one day Swiss Pairs competitions on Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th August at the Royal National Hotel in London.
  • There will also be an Open Pairs on the afternoon of Friday 3rd, and a Point-a-Board Teams on the afternoon of Friday 17th.
  • The main midweek competitions will continue to take place, and will be held in the fortnight between the two main weekend competitions, but further details for these are not yet available.
  • There will not be any specific 'Seniors' competitions held during this fortnight, however new Seniors competitions have been added to the Scarborough Summer Congress.
  • Details for the Really Easy Congress are still to be finalised, and we will be canvassing opinion during this year's Summer Meeting.

Social media

You can follow us on Twitter - @EBUaylesbury - and Facebook during the congress. As well as posting things here we will also post them on our accounts so will get the news straight to your timelines.


 Sunday 13thChampionship Swiss Teams -
Session 4; OverallFour Stars Teams
A Final; B Final

  One day stratified Swiss Pairs
Combined rankings 

 Saturday 12thChampionship Swiss Teams -
Session 2; Session 3Late night Speedball Teams

  One day stratified Swiss Pairs 

 Friday 11thChampionship Swiss Teams - Session 1Late night Speedball Pairs

  Point-a-Board TeamsOpen Pairs

 Thursday 10thMixed Pairs ChampionshipSeniors Congress Teams -
session 2; overall

  Open Pairs

 Wednesday 9thMixed Pivot TeamsSeniors Congress Teams - session 1

  Open Pairs

 Tuesday 8thGCH Fox Championship PairsSeniors Congress Pairs Semi-Finals: Main; Secondary

  Under 26 Championship Pairs
session 2; overallSeniors Congress Pairs Finals:
A Final; B Final; Consolation Final

  Open Pairs

 Monday 7thUnder 26 Championship Pairs - session 1Seniors Pairs - qualifying round

  'Play with the Experts' Pairs
Pianola results page; finalised text results fileOpen Pairs

 Sunday 6thSwiss Pairs Session 4
Swiss Pairs - overallOpen Pairs
Open Teams

 Saturday 5thSwiss Pairs Session 2;
Session 3Late Night Speedball - Teams

 Friday 4thSwiss Pairs Session 1;Late Night Speedball - Pairs

Really Easy Congress

 Thursday 10thSwiss pairs

 Wednesday 9thAfternoon pairsEvening teams

 Tuesday 8thAfternoon pairsEvening pairs



By Brian SeniorBy Michael Byrne

Article 2 (posted 7th Aug)Article 1 (posted 5th Aug)

Article 3 (posted 8th Aug)Article 5 (posted 10th Aug)

Article 4 (posted 9th Aug)Article 8 (posted 12th Aug)

Article 6 (posted 10th Aug) 

Article 7 (posted 11th Aug) 

News and updates

AUG‑13, 23:05Thank you to everyone who joined us in Eastbourne and took part in the Summer Meeting. We hope you enjoyed your time at the congress, and we hope to see you for some - or all - of the Summer Festival in 2018. We will be sharing more details with you regarding that congress as soon as possible, to flesh out the plans which are outlined above.

AUG‑13, 22:45Image removed. Image removed.
Congratulations to the winners of the Four Star Teams, the team of Marion Robertson, Mike Bell, Sarah Bell, Kieran Dyke & Michael Byrne. The final was contested by the eight top teams at the end of the third session of the Swiss Teams competition, and the Robertson teams finished the 'all-play-all' format on 96 VPs. The team of Gunnar Hallberg, Phil King, Andrew Black & Willie Whittaker, tied with the team of Shahzaad Natt, Petar Ivanov, Stefano Tommasini & Kiril Delev for second place with 73 VPs. The last trophy won at the congress was by Rob Cliffe, Alan Mayo, Karen Pryor & Malcom Pryor, who won the B Final. Norman Selway, Kay Preddy, John Cox & Peter Taylor were second, with James Paul, Toby Nonnenmacher, Basil Letts & Andrew Murphy in third.

AUG‑13, 22:45Image removed.
While the top 16 teams were competing in the Four Star Teams finals, the remaining teams played a further four matches in the Swiss Teams. After these matches the top team, and winners of the Brighton Bowl, were Catherine Curtis, Paul Fegarty, Mike Scoltock & Richard Fedrick. They finished on 177 VPs, with Adrian Orlowski, Laura Porro, Gad Chadha & Debbie Sandford in second with 166. Ed Scerri, Gary Jones, Waseem Naqvi & Jerry Harouni were third with 164.

AUG‑13, 22:45Image removed.
Sunday's one day Swiss Pairs was won emphatically by Stephen Kennedy & Michael Alishaw, with a score of 112 out of a possible 120. James Lawrence & Gary Kendall were second - having lost only to the eventual winners - and Debbie Richards & Simon Richards were third.

AUG‑13, 14:53Image removed.
Yesterday evening four awards were presented to those who have excelled in junior bridge, and to those who have made significant contribution to the teaching of young players. Young Player of the Year: Ben Norton Young Pair of the Year: Stephen Kennedy & Michael Alishaw The Alec Salisbury Award winner: Sarah Bell The Tom Bradley Award winner: Jessica & Anton Mauve The achievements of Ben, and of Stephen & Michael, during the period in consideration have been numerous. They have all been mainstays of the junior international squads which have enjoyed a good run of results recently - culminating in all four teams qualifying for the 2018 World Championships - and in domestic bridge they have all won titles at major EBU congresses. The links above give more detailed information. The Alec Salisbury Award recognises a school teacher who has made a significant contribution to junior bridge. Sarah Bell, of St Paul's Girls School, was instrumental in the establishment of the U16 squad, and in the success that came about so quickly for the team. She has also established a bridge club at the school and has contributed to the development and growth of the Junior Award Scheme. Jessica & Anton Mauve have been key in the burgeoning junior bridge scene in Kent, and were presented with the Tom Bradley Award, which recognises the 'non-school-teachers' who have made a significant contribution to youth bridge.

AUG‑13, 11:13The emphatic winners of the final Speedball competition of the congress were James Paul, Chris Cooper, Michael Byrne & Andrew Murphy. Szczepan Smoczynski, Gitte Hecht-Johansen, Terry Hewett & Tommy Garvey were second.

AUG‑13, 01:23Congratulations to the winners of Saturday's one day Swiss Pairs, Barry Read & Anthony Collins. The finished on 94 VPs from six matches, with two junior Pairs completing the podium - Megan Jones & Henry Rose were second and Stephen Kennedy & Michael Alishaw were third.

AUG‑13, 01:13The team of Simon Cope, Peter Crouch, Mike Pownall & Richard Plackett are atop the table after ten matches in the Swiss Teams. They, and next seven teams highest scoring teams, will now compete in the 'A' Final of the all-play-all Four Stars Teams. The next eight teams will compete in the 'B' Final. The remaining teams will continue competing in the Swiss Teams format, playing a further four matches. Second equal at the conclusion of play on Saturday were the Mould, Natt and Teltscher teams.

AUG‑11, 12:46Michael Byrne is the one who has put fingers to keyboard for this morning's article. He looks at deals from the first session of the Swiss Teams - article 8

AUG‑12, 11:23Image removed.
Thanks to David Gold for giving this morning's 'Dicuss it with an Expert' seminar. The speaker for tomorrow's seminar is still to be confirmed depending on who is available (dependent on qualifiers for the Four Stars Finals). Please note that due to the earlier start of Sunday's play it begins at 10:45am.

AUG‑12, 10:33Claming top spot in last night's Speedball Pairs were Robert Lewis & Ricky Turrell. In second place were Gitte Hecht-Johansen & Terry Hewett, and Susan Parkins & Mark Wiggins were third.

AUG‑12, 07:13The first three matches of the Championship Swiss Teams were played on Friday evening, and the overnight leaders are David Arundel, Andrew Bannock, Ambrose Holmes-Mackie & Niall Igoe. They are on 52 VPs, one ahead of John Dakin, Eddie Lucioni, Ian Angus & Aleksander Lishkov. David Gold, Kevin Castner, Andrew McIntosh & Alistair Kent are in third. There are a further seven matches today before the top teams move on to play head-to-head finals tomorrow.

AUG‑11, 17:30Friday afternoon offered a choice of competition, with an Open Pairs and Point-a-Board Teams taking place. The Open Pairs was won by Paul Littlewood & Fiona Littlewood who scored 63.94%, with Christine Cooke & Martin Baker in second on 61.83% - results. The Point-a-Board teams was won by Michael Byrne, John Holland, Sarah Bell & Mike Bell. They finished two points ahead of Phil King, Gunnar Hallberg, Andrew Black & Willie Whittaker - results.

AUG‑11, 14:56Not only did Brian give this morning's seminar, but he has also written a new article, looking at some possible minor-suit slams from yesterday's Mixed Pairs Championship - article 7

AUG‑11, 12:19Image removed.
Thanks to Brian Senior for giving this morning's Advanced Seminar on the topic of 'high level competition'. Tomorrow, David Gold will be giving the 'Dicuss it with an Expert' seminar at 11am.

AUG‑10, 23:30Congratulations to Nicole Cook & Robert Miller, who were on the top step of the podium this evening for the Mixed Pairs Championship. They scored 64.95%, with Rhonda Goldenfield & Michael Byrne in second with 61.23%. Ros Wolfarth & Brian Senior were third with 60.57%.

AUG‑10, 18:00Thursday afternoon's Open Pairs was won by Michael Byrne & Karen Harris with 64.67%. In second were Roger Poulter & Mark Denny with 62.01%, and Jonathan Richards & Mark Hooper were third with 61.67%.

AUG‑10, 17:55Image removed.
Bernard Goldenfield, Rhona Goldenfield, Kath Nelson & Alan Nelson have won the Senior Swiss Teams. They won all eight matches, finishing on 110 VPs. Greer MacKenzie, Hastings Campbell, Ian Hamilton & Howard Kent-Webster were second with 100 VPs and Gary Hyett, Alan Cooke, Gayle Webb & Colin Webb were third with 97. This is a third victory in the competition for Kath, Rhona and Bernard, and a first for Alan (see the previous winners here)

AUG‑10, 16:40Image removed. Image removed.
The Really Easy Congress concluded today, with many of the participants taking part in their first Swiss Pairs competition. The trophy was won by Hilary Levett & Robin Levett, with Anne East & Gill Leese in second and Peter Webster & Suzanne Litchfield in third. Well done to all the participants in the Congress.

AUG‑10, 11:56It's a double dose of articles today as Brian Senior reports on a fine piece of declarer play from EBL Hall-of-Fame inductee, John Holland - article 6

AUG‑10, 09:36Michael Byrne reflects on some of the deals from last night's Mixed Pivot Teams in his new article - article 5

AUG‑10, 09:46Congratulations to the winners in last night's Mixed Pivot Teams - Jeremy Willans, Christine Jepson, Neil Watts & Jill Skinner. The lead changed hands a few times in the final rounds and their defeat of the eventual third place team of Ros Wolfarth, Nicole Cook, Brian Senior & Gary Hyett in the last match saw them take the title. In second place were Karen Harris, John Holland, Peter Jones & Raymond Semp.

AUG‑09, 23:02The emphatic winners in this evening's teams competition in the Really Easy Congress were Rod Johnston, Brenda Miller, Howard Da Vall & Penny Hill. They finished on 47 IMPs, with Anne East, Gill Leese, Helen Longbottom & Maureen Miles in second on 18 IMPs.

AUG‑09, 18:12This afternoon's pairs competition in the Really Easy Congress was won by Yu Oliver & Jessica Mauve. They scored 71.80%, with Ann Pennycuick & Susan Walsh in second with 66.12%.

AUG‑09, 18:10At the end of the first session of the Senior Swiss Teams, the team of Greer MacKenzie, Hastings Campbell, Ian Hamilton & Howard Kent-Webster are top of the table with 67 VPs. Bernard Goldenfield, Rhona Goldenfield, Alan Nelson & Kath Nelson are the only other undefeated team and are second with 62 VPs.

AUG‑09, 18:13Alan Hayward & Alan Jarvis were winners of the Wednesday afternoon pairs competition with 62.13%. Mike Bryant & Anton Mauve were second with 60.95%, and Janet McQueen & Chris Frost were third with 59.62%.

AUG‑09, 11:49Image removed.
Thanks to Michael Byrne for sharing tales from his success in the previous evening's Championship Pairs in today's 'Discuss it with an Expert' seminar. The next discussion will be an 'advanced seminar' on Friday morning with Brian Senior looking at 'high level competition'.

AUG‑09, 11:36In his latest article, Brian Senior looks at a slam from the final of the Seniors Pairs - article 4

AUG‑09, 10:36Congratulations to Shefton Kaplan & Arthur Hughes who won the Seniors Pairs yesterday evening. Bernard Goldenfield & Rhona Goldenfield were second and Alan Nelson & John Holland were third. Warner Solomon & Lorne Anderson were winners of the B Final and Nick Levine & Richard Penticost won the consolation final.

AUG‑08, 23:40Image removed.
Jonny Richards and Michael Byrne are celebrating this evening after winning the GCH Fox Pairs Championship. They finished on 63.70%, narrowly ahead of Tim Durdin & Lilias Lamont on 63.08%, with Anne Catchpole & Toby Musk in third with 59.28%.

AUG‑08, 23:39In the evening pairs competition in the Really Easy Congress Anne East & Gill Leese were the North/South winners with Rob Elvery & Tas Smith in second, and Ann Pennycuick & Susan Walsh were the East/West winners with Dawn Mertens & Katina Shingler in second.

AUG‑08, 18:13Anne East & Gill Leese were the winners of the afternoon's pairs competition in the Really Easy Congress. Colin Clark & Pam Blackman were second and Ian Woodcock & Richard Suthers were third.

AUG‑08, 18:04Patrick Collins & Peter Law have topped the list of qualifiers for this evening's A Final in the Seniors Pairs - main semi-final; secondary semi-final.

AUG‑08, 17:44Tuesday's Afternoon Pairs was won by Pat Lewis & Helen Holden. They scored 61.81% with Steve Tearle & Tracey Adams second with 59.34%.

AUG‑08, 17:20Image removed.
Congratulations to Ben Norton & Alex Roberts who won the Under 26 Championship Pairs. They built up a good lead in Monday's session, and consolidated their position on Tuesday, finishing on 77.75 IMPs. Hanna Tuus & Ian Robson were top scorers on Tuesday to move in to second place on 50.25. Michael Alishaw & Stephen Kennedy were third on 36. The leading U21 pair were Oscar Selby & John Mewes who finished in fourth.

AUG‑08, 12:06In this morning's article, Brian Senior looks at a freak deal from the qualifying round of the Seniors Pairs - article 3

AUG‑08, 11:05Image removed.
This morning Mike Eden is giving an introduction to Fast Track Bridge, the new publication from EBED which is part of the Bridge for All materials. It allows beginners to be taught in just 24 hours of lessons, giving an alternative to 'traditional' teaching methods.

AUG‑08, 11:00Image removed.
After yesterday's 'introductory day' the Really Easy Congres has started in earnest with Christine Macfarlane giving the morning lesson.

AUG‑08, 10:20Image removed.
Congratulations to Ben Norton & Michael Alishaw who won last night's 'Play with the Experts' Pairs. The top East/West pair were John Mewes & Oscar Selby. Pianola results file; finalised text results file

AUG‑08, 10:10John Holland & Alan Nelson were the top pair in the qualifying round of the Seniors Pairs yesterday evening. Shefton Kaplan & Arthur Hughes were second and Konrad Mau & John Gibbons third. The semi-finals take place this afternoon and the final this evening.

AUG‑07, 18:39Ben Norton & Alex Roberts lead at the halfway stage of the U26 Championship Pairs. They are on +60 IMPs, with Michael Alishaw & Stephen Kennedy in second on +37.5, and Hanna Tuus & Ian Robson in third on +19. The competition concluded tomorrow afternoon.

AUG‑07, 18:39It was very tight for first place in Monday afternoon's Open Pairs, with Jonathan Richards & Alan Hayward (62.26%) just pipping Claire Robinson & Rowena Clow (62.14%) and Jim Forsyth & Nigel Guthrie (62.02%).

AUG‑07, 12:59In the second of the series of articles from the Summer Meeting, Brian Senior looks at a deal from each session of the Swiss Pairs Championship - article 2

AUG‑07, 09:39Sunday evening at the congress offered an Open Pairs and Open Teams. The Open Pairs was won by Martin Baker & Christine Cooke, with Gordon Rainsford & Jim Proctor in second. Pairs results The Open Teams was won by Nigel Guthrie, Karen Harris, Jim Forsyth & Susan Aitchison. Hanna Tuus, Ian Robson, Daisy Dillon & Charles Bucknell were second. Teams results

AUG‑06, 19:05With their victory in the Swiss Pairs, Alexander and Andrew go to the top of the standings in the Player of the Year competition. You can see the full leaderboard here.

AUG‑06, 17:49Image removed.
Congratulations to Alexander Allfrey & Andrew Robson, who retained the Harold Poster Trophy for the Swiss Pairs Championship. They were 25th at the start of the final day's play, but scored 77 out of a possible 80 to take the title by a sizeable margin. They were 11 VPs ahead of Jeremy Dhondy & Andy Hughes, who were second, with John Sansom & Jason Hackett in third a further 5 VPs back.
The top pair in the B Stratification were Shahzaad Natt & Ambrose Holmes-Mackie - who finished in =15th - and the top pair in the C Stratification were Jonathan Davis & Kiril Delev (see picture here) who finished in 25th.
The overall results are available here.
This was the fourth time Andrew has won, taking him level with David Burn as the most successful player in the competition - see previous winners

AUG‑06, 11:29Image removed. Image removed.
This weekend's 'Discuss it with an Expert' seminars were given by Andrew Robson and Simon Cope. Many thanks to them both. The next discussion will be with Michael Byrne on Wednesday.

AUG‑06, 11:27The first winners of the congress came in the Late Night Speedballs. The Pairs competition on Friday was won by Corneliu Rimboiu & Ned Paul (N/S) and David Sherman & Richard Bowdery (E/S). The Teams on Saturday night was won by James Lawrence, Gary Kendall, Mike Bell & Richard Bowdery.

AUG‑06, 11:02Image removed.
On Saturday evening two presentations were made. Ben Norton was presented with the Young Player of the Year Award in recognition of his excellent performances for the England teams in the previous year. The Teltscher Trophy, for the 'Seniors Camrose competition' was presented to Norman Selway and John Holland, the trophy having been unavailable when England won the competition in May.

AUG‑05, 23:59After taking the lead during the afternoon session, Jette Bailey & Alan Bailey stretched their advantage during the third session this evening, and sit atop the table with 151 VPs. Diana Nettleton & Simon Cope are second with 143 VPs, and John Holland & Alan Nelson are third with 142. The competition concludes with four matches on Sunday afternoon. Update: A subsequent ruling means that Jette and Alan's score has dropped to 146.

AUG‑05, 12:59Michael Byrne kicks off the articles from the Summer Meeting with a look at some of the hands from session 1 - article 1

AUG‑05, 10:22Gary Jones & Jerry Harouni are leading the Swiss Pairs Championship after the first evening, with 58 VPs out of a possible 60. Alan Kay & Andrew Macnair are in second on 53 VPs, and Jette Bailey & Alan Bailey and Lynton Stock & Gill Stock are tied in third place on 51.

AUG‑04, 21:22Image removed.
Play is underway in the Swiss Pairs Championships

AUG‑04, 14:29Please note that the lift at the Winter Garden is out of use at present. Those playing the main congress events who are not able to walk down stairs should come to the back entrance of the building. This is reach via the access road to the right of the Devonshire Theatre off Hardwick Road. See here for a google street view picture of the area. We are sorry for any inconvenience this causes, however this was unforeseen and beyond our control.

AUG‑02, 12:19Please note that the TD Training Courses, EBUScore Seminars, and Four Stars Finals will take place in the International Lawn Tennis Centre, a short walk from the Winter Garden. See page 20 of the Players' Handbook for a map.

JUL‑31, 15:19Throughout the congress Brian Senior and Michael Byrne will be writing articles reflecting on some of the boards played during the event. To whet your appetite, you can enjoy their articles from the 2016 Summer Meeting via the 2016 hub.

System cards

You are required to have a pair of identical completed system cards and you should exchange them with your opponents at the start of each round. If you do not have two completed system cards, you will be provided with blank ones to fill out before play may continue, receiving a score of average minus for any boards unplayed due to the time lost in doing this - so please come prepared. Since old-style EBU 20A cards are no longer authorised, we would urge all players who are filling out new cards to do so on the more recent EBU 20B card. WBF system cards are not permitted in any of the competitions in this event. Visitors from abroad are asked to take particular care to comply with this. Blank cards, and some pre-completed cards, are available here.

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