Under 16 Play with the Experts

February 8, 2021

On Sunday 14th February, 1pm to 3pm, our talented under 16 squad will be taking part in a ‘Play with the Experts’ tournament on RealBridge. It will be possible for anyone to kibbitz the event with a short delay. Look out here for details and links for kibbitzing.

After the event, some of the experts will be running through the boards on Zoom with our squad so hopefully they will get lots of helpful hints and advice.

The tournament has been organised by Claire Robinson, Selection Committee Junior Liaison Officer and wouldn’t be possible without the support of the experts who are all giving up their time for free. Big thanks go to these experts; names and their junior partners are listed below for interest –

Paul Barden & Thomas Gardner
Mike Bell & James Cater
Sally Brock & Bjorn Ahl
David Burn & Harriet Cork
Jon Cooke & George Niedringhaus
Simon Cope & Thomas Bradkin
Catherine Draper & Charlotte Bedford
David Gold & Freddie Beneat
Susanna Gross & Phedra Kingston
Gunnar Hallberg & Ben Cadge
Ben Handley-Pritchard & Rufus Barnett
Barry Myers & Andrew Bradkin
Kay Preddy & Raphaela Sinclair
Cameron Small & Venetia Anoyrkatis
Tom Townsend & Will Battersby
Jeremy Willans & Aman Parekh
Andrew Woodcock & Lucy Norman

Sending our junior squads to international events (although online at the moment) is expensive and the EBU needs help from its members to support this. If you think you can help by donating towards our junior teams, please email Claire Robinson, the Junior Liaison Officer – geordieclairerob@gmail.com – for details on how to do this. Our junior squads are very grateful for any support you can offer.