Winners of ACBL competitions offer to hand back titles

Boye Brogeland, Allan Graves, Espen Lindqvist, and Richie Schwartz have offered to vacate three prestigious titles they won at American competitions in the last two years. They have said it is the correct course of action as they believe their teammates, the Israeli internationals Lotan Fisher and Ron Schwartz, have been cheating.

You can read more on the BridgeWinners website, in the Daily Telegraph, and the Times (for those with a subscription).

Patrick Jourdain, bridge reporter for the Daily Telegraph, talked to World at 1 on BBC Radio 4 (scroll to 23:20), and EBU Vice Chairman Ian Payn discussed the subject with TalkSport (select the 14:00-14:30 section of the programme and scroll to 9:50).

August 26, 2015