Adam Lugmayer

Siblings: a Brother
Married: no
Children: no
Where do you live? The 3rd planet from the sun, know as Earth or Terra in Greek. In a place called Aylesbury approximately 50 miles plus from London.
Education: Overspent and misspent

Do you play bridge (if not, why not?!)? No, I wanted to learn once but alas the nearest bridge is along the canal and that is quite some distance away.

Why are you working for the EBU? There are many normal and mysterious reasons why. The list is too long to be written both on the internet and even a document.

How long have you been there? I have been here 2+ years.

What do you actually DO at the EBU? I Assist with the harmonical balance of the universe of IT stuff. And help any one with difficulties both bewildered members and staff. And sort the website and other stuff etc.

What are your hobbies? Bike riding (mountain biking). Caving when I can (includes things such as climbing and ab-sailing). The daily Workout, weight lifting, reading, art related practice. I also don’t mind a bit of modelling and painting (model kits and 3d modelling as well to be fair) I am thinking of making some more scratch built electronic kits (better find the soldering ion first). (and video games now and again, keeping world peace etc ).

What are your ambitions? Getting rid of annoying student loans would be a good one. And perhaps finishing my books. Also others I will not divulge.

Who would you like to be stranded on a desert island with and why? Preferably someone who can build a boat, gym and convenient toilet faculties… I think you all know why.

If you could come back as an animal what would it be? Pass… probably not an animal as they do not have very many statutory rights.

If you weren’t working for the EBU, what would be your ideal job? A science position somewhere.. I am not fussy.. Would like anything from technology to robotics, to biology, psychiatry, genetics to Volcanology and space related exploits. And lots of other things of interest as well.

If money was no object, tell us about your dream holiday? Around the world voyage, and an around the word road trip. And into space. Oh the moon (why not) and mars (the planet, not the chocolate bar). Lasting many many years.

What book are you currently reading? I read many, many books and normally read quite a few at once (not at the same time of course as that would be a bit confusing and silly). Such as science fiction, Ahriman exile (better than you many think, full of complex words and interesting elements for example, some parts seem to be rushed though), Character analysis and some more computing/science books, and some others too.

What CD is in your car? There is no CD player in my car.. because I have no need for one as there is no car. And I couldn’t fit one on my bike as it kept falling off…. No not really. To be honest I wouldn’t be able to have a single CD from one band in my car etc I prefer a compilation of multiple bands.