Alice Gordon Evers


By Ewart Kempson

The death of my very dear friend, Alice Evers, occurred on Sunday, January 15th.
She had suffered considerably and almost unceasingly for the past few years, but her end came peacefully and without pain. I loved her very much, as did everybody who knew her. She was a charming friend and wonderful woman. I never heard her speak ill of anyone.
In the early 'thirties she was the outstanding woman player and was featured in every newspaper and illustrated paper for her majestic presence at the card table in the first Anglo American match when partnered the late Colonel Walter Buller.
She played in the Buller circus all over the country and subsequently had many successful partnerships with ceased to sing the praises of Hubert Phillips.
In 1934 she and I went to America to take part in the was marvelous championship games. Alice was magnificent and almost managed to carry me to victory in one of the events. She was the most loyal person I ever met. She never ceased to sing the praises of anyone dear to her. Her husband was marvelous; her son was marvelous; her daughter was perfect. Truth to tell they are a pretty nice bunch, but they had every chance by being in close contact with my very dear friend, Alice Evers
Good-bye, darling.

Bridge Magazine January 1950