Andrew McIntosh

Andrew McIntosh is a professional bridge player and manager of the Acol Bridge Club. His Camrose career started many years ago playing for Scotland with Malcolm Cuthbertson. His only previous Camrose experience for England was with Phil King. He has won the Camrose on three occasions, the Gold Cup four times and was sixth in the last World Pairs Championship. In February 2016 he won a silver medal at the EBL's European Winter Games in Monaco.

Last updated: February 2016

Major International Appearances* European Championships: 2010

European Champions’ Cup: 2005 2014 and 2018

Camrose Trophy Selections*: 2003 2004 2008 2015 and 2019(EBU Team)

Gold Cup Winner: 2000 2001 2002 2004 and 2017

Crockfords winner: 2001 2005 and 2010

Premier League winner: 2014

Spring Foursomes Winner: 1998 2007 and 2014

Tollemache Cup winner: 1997 2010 and 2012

Player of the Year Championship: 2014/15 - 6th; 2017/18 - 9th= * - appearances for England only

Summer Meeting Pairs, Harold Poster Cup Winner: 2019