Belinda Bridgen

Belinda first learnt bridge with a group of friends at university by buying a book and passing it round the table so people could look up their bids at their turn! Unfortunately pressure of work as an accountant meant that she virtually stopped playing bridge for about 20 years until a few years ago when she and her partner Richard had more time available as they had both stopped working full time. They went to the local Acol Club coming 5th on their first outing despite playing very antiquated systems and have since relearned the bidding. Fortunately the card play hadn’t changed.

After a year or so they started entering EBU congresses winning a series of Non Expert prizes but, alas, they no longer qualify in that category. She continues to play most of her bridge at the Acol and, as well as with Richard, plays regularly with Frances Liew with whom she played for England in the 2012 Lady Milne Trophy.

Non-bridge interests include all sorts of puzzles including the Listener Crossword, theatre, cinema, cooking and travel.

Last updated: November 2013

Lady Milne Trophy Selections: 2012