Bev Godfrey

I was born in Carlisle in 1967 and have been aware of bridge for most of my life. My Mother started to play when I was about 9 and sat for hours dealing cards to herself and staring at them. It must have worked because she has been, and still is, a very good club player, however it didn’t ignite my imagination.

After leaving 6th Form with some mediocre A Levels my short banking career ended with the birth of my second child and for the next few years I worked anywhere and everywhere taking breaks to have two more children.

I found myself a single mother and at about 32 was offered a job behind the bar at the new St Georges Bridge Centre in Darlington. Initially I only worked one night a week and then gradually I was offered more hours, cleaning and generally helping out. At more or less the same time I met my second husband.

Eventually I was given the title Bridge Centre Manager and took on more day to day running of the centre, duplicating boards, taking responsibility for the monies etc with my husband as my unpaid right hand man. Once given this title it seemed strange to have to say sorry I don’t play when asked, what would you bid/lead with this hand at the end of the evening. I took a few lessons so I could hold my own in conversation and now I’m hooked!

I’m not the greatest player but I love it and believe everyone should have the opportunity to play. I teach which I enjoy immensely and am a member of the North Eastern Bridge Association Executive.

I’d like to say I read but if I do it’s mostly poetry. I love to swim, really enjoy litterpicking and spending time with family and friends.

Last updated: March 2018