Brian Crack

Silver Award winner, 2014

Brian joined the Kent committee in 1983, and became Secretary in 1986. He then became Chairman in 1989, a post in which he continued for four years until forced to stand down from the committee because of business commitments. He continued to arrange events for Kent including their first Green-Pointed event, and their first Stratified Swiss Teams (indeed, the first such event in the country).

Brian returned to the Kent committee in 2002 as Secretary, and served for another seven years. Throughout this time he has been active at his local club, serving on committees.

A shareholder since 2002, he served for seven years on the Tournament Committee, six of those as Vice-Chairman, providing invaluable support for two successive Chairmen. Among his achievements were the introduction of Blue Points, and his interest in the field of Master Points was of great importance at both national and county level.

There is no sphere of bridge administration with which Brian has not been involved, at local, county or national level for a period of over thirty-years.