Cameron Small

Cameron’s parents, who are both avid competitive bridge players, are directly responsible for starting his addiction to Bridge via a toxic combination of card games comprising: Oh Hell, Racing Demon and Hearts. He won his second ever Bridge tournament in the “No Fear” series organised by the late Palmer Bayer. Tragically since then he has never won any major Bridge events but has a long list of second and lower places. When Cameron lived in London he was a regular at the historically best bridge club in the country, Young Chelsea.

Cameron owes his professional career to Bridge, due to being hired on the Bankers Trust (an American bank) games players trading program in 1990 who actively hired the best games players with the requisite technical skills and personalities. The sound premise being the strong similarities between financial markets trading environment and games. He was the only Bridge player with the rest being Chess and Go players all of whom are now highly successful in the financial markets. Admittedly he has substantially less time for Bridge these days which is a problem as Bridge at the top level requires total dedication.

Elsewhere he attempts to balance his life between being an Managing Director at Citibank, which involves copious global travel and hard work, an addiction to computer games, dinner parties, family holidays involving skiing or scuba and family life married to Caroline with whom he has two boys who they are toying with if the fabric of the Bridge world is ready for the addition of two more Smalls!

Last updated: October 2019

Camrose Trophy Selections: 2014 (EBU team), 2019 (EBU team) 2020 and 2021

Junior Camrose Selections: 1991

National Teams Congress winner: 2000

NICKO winner: 2023