Christine Jepson

I started playing bridge in the lunchtime office rubber bridge session when I was 20. Paul (my later to be husband ) asked if I knew what a trump was, as they were one player short. I was given a book on bidding to read, and from then on I was hooked.

Paul and I joined Horsham bridge club where the good players immediately took us under their wing, both at the bridge table and socially, I still play regularly with Liz Lancaster 35 years on, and we were in the winning Whitelaw cup team in 2012.

After the birth of my second child I started playing with Dave Clifton which has been my main partnership. We have played for Sussex in the Tollemache for the last 18 years.

Sadly my husband passed away when the children were young closely followed by Pauline Pool, my then lady partner and close friend. This restricted how often I played so I stopped playing in the ladies game until just over a year ago when Catherine Curtis asked me to play in the Lady Milne trials.

I currently play (and occasionally direct) at The West Sussex and Avenue bridge clubs where I have been helped by my friends Neil Watts and Peter Clinch, playing the "Catherine system".

Outside bridge my hobbies are orienteering, cycling and dancing along with a couple of ski trips each year. It's nice to have a rest at the bridge table!

Last updated: February 2014

Lady Milne selections: 2014 and 2016