Dominic Price

He’s a self-taught bridge player who says he’s been playing since 2015, after being informed that he was running the Imperial College Bridge Club. He can now be found teaching, against his will, at the Durham University Bridge Club instead where he is doing his PhD in Computer Algebra or “maths” whilst listening to an intriguing mix of classical and rap music.

Dom is most noted for his ability and enthusiasm to play any weird and whacky system that comes his way with varying degrees of success. He has successfully created a website designed to store and create system files which has proven invaluable as a database for all of these rogue systems. In the last year Dom has joined the England U26 squad and played in the Premier League amongst other tournaments.

Most beloved contract: 6Hxx “Cash Cash Dollar Dollar”

Favourite card: 7D - Dom is always found down the pub playing bridge on a Wednesday night hoping to one day cash in on all the beers he won at Scarborough, it could take a while.

Favourite Bridge soundtrack: “Here Comes the Money” by Naughty by Nature typically aired after opening an ‘upgraded’ mini NT.

Last updated: February 2019

Major International Selections

Junior Camrose Selections: 2019
White House Junior Teams: 2019