Don King

- 2007

Don King passed away on 9th June 2007.

Clair Sexton writes that he first played bridge with Don & Kay King some 45 years ago. Probably first at Richmond Town Hall and then at Richmond Bridge Club, which was very much smaller then, and also played many times in the old Spring Fours at Eastbourne.

Later, Don & Kay started the Ravenna Bridge Club at the Sheen Lawn Tennis Club, and made a notable success of it. Don was also one of the founder members of the Wimbledon Bridge Club and then played there and at many of the County events. In later years he reduced his playing visits, but always enjoyed his games.

Don and Kay were a wonderful couple. Don never got upset at the table and abhorred any rudeness. Any comments on a hand had to be prised out of him. He was a gentleman at all times and will be sadly missed.

Don won the Dimmie Fleming Award in 1990.

From the Surrey CBA newsletter