Emily Middleton

I'm a 27 year old software engineer, originally from Hampshire but now settled in Oxfordshire.

I've always played card games with my family, and I learnt the basics of bridge as a teenager after my parents had been to a few lessons. I picked the game up more seriously at Oxford University, where I was lucky enough to have applied to Balliol college. Balliol had a large bridge club at the time run by the late Bob Hargrave, a legendary philosophy fellow and an enthusiastic player.

After a few years of bridge on the University scene I got involved with the U25 girl's squad, playing my first channel trophy in 2008. I continued every year until I got old, though sadly only made it to one Europeans. Now I work with the junior squad as a mentor to a pair of our up-and-coming female players.

Outside of bridge I've found another sport that requires little physical ability - I play pool for the Oxfordshire ladies team.

Updated: October 2013

Major International Selections
Junior European Championships: 2009