Faff Robinson

Grattan Endicott said this:
"It was entirely through the efforts of Faff Robinson that the North Western Association, and at times the Union, maintained outstandingly good relationships with the Imperial and the Norbreck Hotels in Blackpool. In the days that I first remember the North Western Congress at Blackpool was outstanding as to size amongst all county congresses, and rivalled the main EBU tournaments in popularity. Our arrangements with the hotels were a very strong contributory factor, People enjoyed going to Blackpool to play because the Congress was pleasant and the hotels pleasanter. We always obtained outstandingly good terms for the hotel residents.

All of this was entirely due to the efforts which Faff Robinson put in with the hotels which she did from one congress to another in maintaining good relations, wheedling good terms. and cajoling hotel managements into attitudes which greatly benefited the game

Apart from all this Faff was a hard working member of the council of the North West, and its tournament and congress committee. and in the Blackpool and Fylde area of the Association at club and sub-area level. She was a regular alternate for the North West in its delegates to the EBU. The devotion which she has brought to the game is remarkable and it is something of a tribute that she has maintained her interest and energy despite undergoing serious operations in which malignancies were removed and enduring the sad loss of her husband, Pritchard, who was himself a stalwart of the North West and a Vice-President of the Association."