Frank England

d 1952

by Harry St. John Ingram

Contract Bridge Journal September 1952

It is with great regret that we have to report the death, at the age of 68 of Frank England. With Manning Foster, Melville-Smith and Alex Hasler (all now dead), he formed the original council of the British Bridge League and did a tremendous amount of work on the administrative side of the game in its early days. He was the first chairman of the EBU after the war but on retiring from that position after two years in office, he completely dropped out of taking any active part in competitive bridge.

On several occasions he captained English teams at home and abroad, whilst in 1935 he was non-playing captain of the British team in the European Championships. A more popular man in this position, it would be impossible to find. Always easy to get on with and most diplomatic, both friend and foe had the highest regard for him. At the bridge table he had the happy knack of always making bridge appear what it was intended to be-just a game. Never do I remember a rough or cross word coming from him.

For a number of years he was Bridge Correspondent to the Evening Standard and he wrote many articles for the Bridge Magazine in its early days, in addition to being their first competition editor.

He will be greatly missed by his many friends both in the Bridge World and elsewhere.