Giorgio Provenza

Despite coming from a family of card players, Giorgio did not learn to play bridge until his early twenties. Since then however, the game has taken over more and more of his life. After ten years spent lawyering and working in the financial sector, he decided to make a job out of his passion and became a full time bridge teacher. Since then he has been a popular figure in the South West London area, teaching, coaching, mentoring, training other teachers and promoting the game at every opportunity.

With teaching experience in three different countries, he considers his best achievement thus far having seen a former student of his win a silver medal in a Junior World Championship. He is thrilled by this new role with the U16 and hopes to add other medals to that tally as soon as possible.

Married to Erica, who categorically refuses to learn the game – maybe the secret behind 19 years together – and father of Anthony, a bubbly 14 year old who plays a little but hasn’t decided yet if he wants to put in the effort to become good at it.

When he doesn’t play, teach, read or think about bridge, he loves playing golf, although poorly, listening to music, reading novels and watching football, often yelling at the TV.