Guy Ramsey

d. 1959

We were able to record only in stop press last month that Guy Ramsey died suddenly on the morning of October 11th; suddenly, but he had had two cardiac strokes and knew that a third might be fatal. However, he opted (the word he would have used) to lead a full life and was in excellent form at Palermo. He remarked to me there that the Italian telephone system would undoubtedly shorten his days. The deepest sympathy will go to his wife, Celia, with whom it was a pleasure to see him so happy at Palermo, and his two sons.

Guy was a journalist by profession and perhaps reached his greatest distinction as a war correspondent in Africa. He Wrote some excellent books, both on bridge and other subjects.

His writing style and orotund pronouncements from the platform gained him some reputation for pomposity, but unlike most people of that kind he was well aware of it. Certainly he always took in excellent part any mild thrusts of mine at his literary or oratorical flights. One had to smile at Guy sometimes but everyone liked and respected him.

He had a manic enthusiasm for bridge and eventually gained his ambition of being "capped for England", as he boyishly put it. The Sunday after he died he was billed to appear in the final of a radio bidding match. The programme had been recorded and in partnership with Norman Smart Guy had run out a good winner. In accordance with BBC policy the broadcast was cancelled. A pity, for if they have radios in heaven nothing would have given him greater pleasure.

by Terence Reese in British Bridge World, November 1959

Tollemache Cup winner: 1951