Ian Mitchell

Born abroad, but brought up in Shropshire, I learned to play bridge on my mother’s knee, spending my formative years playing penny-a-hundred against siblings and grandparents.
However, conflicts of interests meant that I didn't start playing any ‘serious’ bridge until my twenties, but since then my trophy cabinet continues to gather dust.
Having previously dismissed careers in music and education, I started working for the English Bridge Union in 1997. As well as being a familiar voice on the end of the competitions department hotline, most tournament players will recognise me as a director and scorer at EBU & county events.
Away from the office, I also do a little bit of bridge teaching, and help to run a bridge club in Aylesbury for beginners and improvers.
Music has always been a passion for me. I am a capable player of most brass instruments, specialising at present on the trombone, which I wield very occasionally in a variety of local orchestras and bands.
This doesn’t leave a lot of time for other interests, but as often as possible I try to partake in the strange sport of Eton Fives (what’s that? See www.etonfives.co.uk ). I represent the Windsor & Eton Fives Club in the lowest division of the national league.