John Sadler

1933 - 2007

John Sadler died on 30 October at the age of 74, after battling cancer for the last 7 years.

John’s highest achievements at bridge were gained in partnerships with Doug Smerdon and Tony Waterlow. In the seventies, John reached the final of the Gold Cup playing with Doug Smerdon. In the early eighties, with Doug as his partner and Tony Waterlow-Derek Oram as team-mates, John won Crockfords. Then the following year the team came within a whisker of retaining the Crockfords Cup, losing the top spot on a split-tie.

The Sadler-Waterlow partnership flourished in the eighties. They achieved considerable success in Camrose Trails over a period of some 8 years, coming close to representing England when they were named as the reserve pair for a Camrose match against Wales. During this period, John had a second home in Torquay, and made a habit of picking up trophies at the Torquay Congress.

More recently, John reached the semi-final of the 2000 Gold Cup, and around this time his team won the London League three years on the trot.

Following Doug’s death in 2003, John has played mainly with Ivor Miller. John’s last game of bridge was played some two months ago at the Ace of Clubs in North London, where he and Ivor achieved 68% to win a 25 table duplicate.

John will be remembered as a very courteous and formidable opponent, and as a most constructive partner and team-mate.


Crockfords 1974 (Posner, Breskal, Preston, Swimer, Smerdon & Sadler) & 1983 (Posner, Nunes, Waterlow, Oram, Smerdon & Sadler)
Hubert Phillips 1987 & 1990
Burlington cup 1976
Sussex cup 1977
Middlesex Championship teams 1971, 1976, 1980, 1981, 1992, 1994 & 2000

Runner up:
Gold Cup 1975
Hubert Phillips 1981 & 1989
Grand Master Pairs 1995 & 1996
3rd Guardian Pairs 1979
2 stars 1982
Harold Poster pairs 2000