Kenneth Barbour

1938 - 2021

Ken Barbour (1938-2021) was an engineer, and also a graduate of Cambridge He went to the USA later in 1963 for professional reasons. He returned to London in the late 60s and then returned to the USA, living in Boston and finally settled in Phoenix, Arizona. He retired in 1993 and began to play bridge more seriously. He had a good partnership with Alan Truscott (who, amongst other notable achievements, was the bridge correspondent for the New York Times).

1963 was the high point of his bridge career as he had recently won the Gold Cup, Crockfords, Tollemache and the teams at Eastbourne. He had also been 4th at the European Open Teams Championship in 1962. He added, ‘I sometimes wonder if I did the right thing by moving, and ending my bridge activities, but you see, we were not bridge professionals and living in London was expensive. It was hard to keep a career and fund living in London, as well as taking part in all of these bridge events. So when the opportunity to move to the USA came up, I took it.    

The above is an extract from an article written by Shireen Mohandes, featuring Ken in the 2015 issue of Mr Bridge magazine, you can read it in full, here.